USCF College Chess Committee

It is our mission to constantly improve competitive participation in university chess clubs, and to build an organization that could provide the university chess scene with community support. Volunteers from universities across the country have come together to build and support the CCC. If you're interested in joining us, or if you have any questions, please email the College Committee Chair.

College Committee Chair

Name : Mr. Al Lawrence

Email :

college committee members

Mr. Michael Ainger

Mr. Constantine Ananiadis

Mr. Kelly Bloomfield

Miss Ana Maria DeMahy

Mr. Russell Harwood

Mr. Jon Haskel

Dr. Hal Karlsson

Miss Beatriz Marinello

Mr. Rade Milovanovic

Miss Claudia Munoz

Mr. Andrew Schley

Mr. Alan Sherman

Mr. Jonathan Singler

Mr. James Stallings


USCF Executive board liasons

Primary : Mr. Mike Nietman

Alternate: Mr. Mike Hoffpauir


USCF Office liasons

Primary : Mr. Boyd Reed